Plate for a guest

Plate for a guest


This is an empty plate.

Today I would like to tell you something about an almost forgotten tradition, which belongs to the culture I‘m living in. When you lay the table for a feast you put on one plate more. This is the plate for someone, who might knock on the door while you sit down to eat with your family and friends. It could be a friend who is knocking. But it could be a stranger in need for a warm meal either. Both are welcome and it‘s always possible to share.

I want to lay a plate for Africa every Sunday. I want to imagine, someone very hungry is joining our meal, which is sumptuous and rich. Then I will donate the money this meal for the guest would have been cost to one of those organizations, which are already doing good work in Africa. They need money to face the famine which is yet taking place in several African countries.

Please share this idea, take part, tag your plate for a guest on your website, donate money every Sunday and every feast to an organization of your choice.

Fight hunger.